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Sex Crimes

Defend Against a Sex Crime Charge in San Diego

Relentless Criminal Defense Counsel for Sex Offenses

The social ostracism, media attention, and heavy criminal penalties associated with sex crimes make them some of the most challenging cases to defend. Fortunately, Premier Criminal Defense is up to the task. We offer intelligent, hard-hitting defense representation across San Diego and all of California in the face of all type of sex-related offenses, from indecent exposure to child molestation to rape. We recognize the importance of protecting defendants and arrestees facing sex crime allegations and charges and fight tirelessly to ensure they are afforded all the protections and rights outlined by the U.S. Constitution.

You are innocent until proven guilty. You are entitled to an attorney. Exercise your rights and protect yourself in the face of sex offense allegations.

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Sex Crime Charges & Penalties in California

In California, the penalties for sex crimes are harsh. Misdemeanor sex offenses like indecent exposure and prostitution are punishable by time in county jail and a fine, and felony sex offenses like rape are punishable by a one year to a lifetime in prison. The specific sentence will vary depending on the nature of the sex crime, the age of the alleged victim, whether violence or force was used, and the defendant’s criminal history (if any).

A San Diego sex crime defense attorney can fight to help you avoid a conviction and sex offender registration. Premier Criminal Defense handles sex crime cases such as:

One of the most damaging parts of a sex crime conviction is the mandatory requirement of lifetime sex offender registration. A sex offender will be required to register on a regular basis, will be unable to live or work in certain areas, and will be listed in a public sex offender registry that can be seen by anyone.

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