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California Penal Code 647(b) makes it illegal for individuals to engage in solicitation and acts of prostitution. That is, if a person asks, agrees to engage in, or actually engages in a sexual or lewd act with another person for payment (whether monetary or an exchange of goods such as drugs or favors), they are participating in criminal behavior and can be charged with solicitation of prostitution. Under this law, a lewd act is defined as touching or fondling the genitals, buttocks, or female breasts of another person for sexual gratification. The act does not have to actually occur for a person to be charged; simply agreeing to the act with the intent of following through is enough for charges to be filed. Also, both the person who proffers payment and the person who will receive payment for the sexual or lewd act can be charged under this law.

Solicitation of prostitution convictions can have life-altering consequences. Besides possible jail time and fines, a conviction could result in negative social stigma, strained relationships with family and friends, and negative effects on present and prospective employment. We at Premier Criminal Defense understand the seriousness of these charges. If you were charged with solicitation, contact our San Diego criminal defense lawyers to get the help of legal professionals who are not afraid to do what it takes to defend your rights. We have helped others through stressful and emotional cases and are prepared to do the same for you.

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Penalties for Solicitation of Prostitution Convictions

The penalties for a solicitation of prostitution are high and can have long-term consequences on a person’s life.

Individuals convicted under this law can face the following penalties for the first offense:

  • A misdemeanor conviction
  • A punishment of up to 6 months in county jail
  • A fine of up to $1,000

If the act took place in a car and within 1,000 feet of a residence, both parties involved can have their driver’s license suspended for up to 30 days.

Penalties increase for individuals who are convicted of subsequent offenses.

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Your freedom is important to you, and at Premier Criminal Defense it is important to us too. We are committed to providing the personalized attention your case deserves. A number of defenses can be raised in a solicitation case, such as a lack of intention to follow through with the act, police entrapment, or insufficient evidence. We build a strong defense based on the specific facts of your case so we can get your charges reduced or dropped. Facing a solicitation charge can be a frightening and confusing experience for you. Our San Diego sex crimes lawyers will provide you with straightforward and regular communication so you know exactly what’s going on with your case every step of the way.

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